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Example of requirements for the role of information security engineer SIEM specialization The next career development step for an information security administrator or information security engineer may be a transition to the role of an analyst expert and then an information security architect. These are complex roles that may include competencies from other areas of cybersecurity SOC DevSecOps. Example requirements for a Cyber Security Analyst role Example of requirements for the role of information security expert Example requirements for the role of an information security architect When analyzing vacancies we notice that in the labor market and information security tools there is the formation of narrow specializations such as Web.

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Security analyst or NGFW engineer eighth digit in the diagram. We place cybersecurity teachers in a separate track. We have more than eucational institutions that graduate information security specialists and the number of practical advance training programs in Belgium WhatsApp Number Data information security is only increasing. Both require information security professionals who are willing to share their expertise in a teaching role. Cybersecurity is actively transforming in the process of its development specializations are turning into separate career tracks for example this happene with vulnerability management. At the intersection of several areas new professions are emerging for example there is a nee for SOC.

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Aanalysts with knowlege of ML. A career path in the field of information security requires further painstaking study. In subsequent articles we will return to the topic of professions and look at other tracks. The propose scheme is a dynamic version of the cybersecurity career scheme which we plan to change depending on the nees of the industry and plan to Belgium Phone Number List present it for wide discussion with other representatives of the cybersecurity market and with the eucational community. We invite everyone who is intereste in the development of information security to participate in the discussion. Tags cybersecurity career in ib mfti pentester SOC analyst solutions architect The Google Drive website will now have a dark theme. min Interfaces Cloud services Design.

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