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For example the activities of a pentester completely coincide with the tasks performe by a re team expert and a security analysis specialist. Such cases are unite in the diagram by a frame. Career trajectory in information security. An analysis of the job market shows that the best way to enter cybersecurity this does not mean. It is easier is as an information security administrator with initial competencies in system administration. Lets consider what problems such a specialist solves. The security information administrator is engage. In of systems for collecting and analyzing security events security control. Systems ensures continuity of operation of SIEM SOAR VM WAF systems controls.

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The implementation of backup proceures tests new software versions participates if necessary. In the investigation of information security incidents analyzes project documentation for the implementation or modernization of information systems. Example of requirements Australia WhatsApp Number Data  for the role of information security administrator Where to go to study Due to the high demand for administrators who have the skills to work with domestic information security tools we together with FPMI MIPT have develope a practiceoriente retraining program for administrators of information systems and information security systems. In the process of designing the curriculum.

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We relie on the requirements specifie in the vacancies and the experience of Positive Technologies experts. The program Administrator of Information Systems and Information Security Systems lasts about months and starts on March . I am one of the teachers on Australia Phone Number List this course I will be glad to meet you among my students. Having information security administration skills opens up opportunities to move into new roles. For example you can further develop into the role of an information security engineer and acquire deep competencies in working with information security or move to the role of a SOC analyst or in the field of vulnerability management.

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