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Despite the fact that OpenAI was initially positione as a nonprofit organization aime at developing artificial intelligence for the benefit of all humanity it was under the leadership of Sam Altman that its commercial subsidiary OpenAI Global LLC was create and the value of the entire holding increase times to billion dollars. First of all thanks to the companys flagship projects ChatGPT and DALLE. Perhaps it was this commercial bias that became one of the reasons for the conflict that broke out at OpenAI in November . On the th the board of directors issue a statement announcing the immeiate removal of Sam Altman from his position as head of the company.

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The main reason cite was that Altman was not always candid with other board members. His place was temporarily taken by technical director Mira Murati and Altman himself according to rumors intende to move to Microsoft where they were already waiting for him Kuwait WhatsApp Number List with open arms at least this was state by the head of the corporation Satya Nadella. Altmans removal cause a storm of discontent among OpenAI employees who threatene to quit following their leader. Already on November the revolt on the ship was suppresse and OpenAI publishe a statement that Sam Altman was returning to the leadership chair.

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Worldcoin Another interesting startup cofounde by Altman is Worldcoin launche in . According to the concept of this payment system which is base on the biometric cryptocurrency Iris base on the Ethereum blockchain users will be identifie by recognizing Cambodia Phone Number List the iris of the eye. The project raise its initial million in October . Within six months an additional million was investe into Worldcoin. However the startup has encountere problems in several countries primarily due to disagreements with legislation on the collection of biometric data. In addition tokens are not available.

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