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The leadership here is also occupie by Kinopoisk which accounts for . but Wink is already in second place . while Ivy accounts for .. The total revenue of online cinemas from advertising also increase from . billion to . billion rubles but in the overall structure of the market this category is becoming less noticeable y states. Now it accounts for less than of the total market turnover although a year earlier it was one tenth. TelecomDaily is not the only agency offering an assessment of the online cinema market.

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Previously the research company TMT Consulting presente its analytics. According to their calculations in December the number of households with at least one subscription to the video service amounte to of their total number million which is Italy WhatsApp Number Data higher than a year earlier. The company estimate the market volume excluding content licensing at the end of the year at . billion rubles and the growth dynamics at .Working with Kubernetes raising a local cluster and deploying applications to it minutes AvitoTech company blog Go Kubernetes Hello My name is Pavel Agaletsky I am the leading developer of the Platform as a Service unit in Avito.

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Kubernetes is one of the most popular tools for deploying applications and services. At Avito we use it not only in production but also as an environment for running services locally on developer machines. In this article I discuss in detail how to set up a small Kubernetes cluster Italy Phone Number List on your computer using publicly available tools and deploy simple applications. Preparing for work installing a virtual machine Before starting work I nee to install a virtual machine on the MacBook on which we will run the cluster. This can be done using a special tool Colima which is installe by the command brew install colima. This will enable Kubernetes inside the running machine. The command colima start will make the machine accessible and assign it a network address.

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