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But if we are convince that in some interesting way depends on the combination of two columns track_id and genre then we can add it to the second table. It should be note that these conclusions are not obvious. It was a solid theoretical basis and targete algorithms that made it possible to quickly get an idea of the architecture of the table identify issues and possible contradictions. Which was our goal. Results I trie to make a convenient tool that would help in real business cases. I will be glad to receive your feeback. Perhaps someone would like to participate in the development of the tool.

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Issues of quality and architecture of tabular data are important and must be addresse systematically. On the TODO list now think about deep optimization of calculations of potential keys perhaps take ideas from FDtool think about ease of use what metrics are neee Israel WhatsApp Number Data what method arguments to add etc.ly Russian online cinemas increase their turnover from subscriptions and advertising by minutes Content and copywriting Cloud services IT companiesĀ  by writes RBC with reference to the final report of the information and analytical agency Telecom Daily. If in the revenue of video services was . billion rubles then in this figure increase to.

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Billion rubles data includes classic streaming monetization channels subscription and advertising. The top three platforms by market share according to TelecomDaily data have not change. owne by Yandex remains the leader. Its share in total market Israel Phone Number List turnover increase from . Second place despite the reuction from . to is held by Ivi. Rounding out the top three is the joint venture of Rostelecom and the National Meia Group Wink which grew over the year from to. Paid subscription remains the key driver of the market revenue of online cinemas in this income category increase from. billion rubles in to.

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