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The term¬†Functional dependencies what does the tool give us This is actually interesting. From the graphs you can see that track_id functionally defines almost all columns except track_genre of course. The only exception is the populatiry column . tracks have two popularity the remaining thousand have exactly one. This nees to be explore further. Looks like theres a data error. It would be logical to assume that a track always has the same popularity… Another interesting situation with the explicit column . This is a binary flag indicating that the track contains info offensive or inappropriate for children at least thats what says .

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If we lower the threshold for displaying functional dependencies to . then the graph will show that e and artists define explicit quite strongly . This is in general logical. The album contains essentially similar tracks and the performers usually adhere to the same style. Although the Iran WhatsApp Number Data relationship is not exact. You can also notice that track_name and track_id have a relationship. There are cases when one track name is associate with different ids. But this is a fairly common situation so it doesnt raise any big questions. Conclusions on table architecture If we forget for a moment about the populatiry column then the table architecture nees to be change The table must have a primary key track.

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All other columns clearly depend only on it. This will reuce the number of lines from k to k. Apparently the same track can belong to different genres. If this is the case then you can create a separate table that will contain a y relationship between . Two columns. These same Iran Phone Number List two columns will be the primary key of this second table. It will have k lines. Its difficult with the populatir column . My hypothesis is that there is an error in the data. Populairy should functionally depend on track. If so then it will go to the first table where the primary key is track_id . We remember that a flat table is a story about a primary key.

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