Model is a consequence of business

You would never know about Model is them when analyzing the problem domain. You observe the entity Product from the outside and see its properties X Y Z which means they are publicly available to you as an observer from the outside. Implementation details are how we store these properties. For example in Active Record the name field can be store as this data Name. Therefore entity dataname these are implementation details but not entityname with the magic method get. These details do not nee to be disclose but the existence of the property is possible and necessary.

So the code will contain the correct Model is

Domain model No one can put an entity into an invalid state without calling my checks. Well how can it not We essentially create a new method setting the properties Germany Mobile Number List there as we nee. This can only be notice during a code review. Its the same with the logic in the service. Its just that the business logic boundary is a service not an entity. All actions with the entity are done through the service. TheĀ  the entity directly is if he writes his own service. This is the same as adding a new business method to an entity.

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Only option when someone will manipulate

In both cases we do not use existing checks but write new ones in accordance with the new requirements. The entity must check its own invariants. There are often no rules that must be followe in all scenarios. In one scenario the field is optional in the other it is require. Previously it was Germany Email List optional then it became mandatory and there are already many entries in the database with blank entries and information from the user is neee to fill them out. Previously the check include a constant but then they aske to take the value from the configuration in the database.

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