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InĀ  stdvariant and stdoptional and stdvariant appeare. C introduce stdexpecte and monads. For stdexpecte and stdoptional. I dont see any obstacles to convenient work with error codes. I love marking functions and methods with noexcept and am very. Afraid of abort and stdterminate. I use exceptions only in constructors and sometimes I disable constructors altogether and write factory methods thanks to cpp_guarantee copy_elision. Exceptions are evil fight me. Konstantin Vladimirov It is better to use exceptions. They optimize the main path and remove garbage from the code. Alexander Enaldiev Exceptions look like a cargo cult. Ive met people who know that they shouldn’t cheat.

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But they dont know what their goal is. Everything should come from the goal has it gotten better or the same eggs only in profile Stanislav Yurchenko I would formulate Hungary WhatsApp Number List the question differently sometimes an exception is better sometimes an error code. This is not a pick and choose question it all depends on the context. If you nee centralize handling of a large set of errors exceptions are a good option. If the algorithm involves sequential branching depending on the errors receive returning the code may be the best solution. Evgeniy Fyoklin For me its better to throw an exception to handle errors.

Returning an error code

It allows you to create hierarchies of exceptions. What tools do you prefer to use for working with thirdparty dependencies Ilya Kazakov I think that too little Costa Rica Phone Number List attention is paid to Conan . It is developing very actively and gathers a fairly large community around itself. I myself am the author of several recipes at conancenterindex and it holds a special place in my heart. Konstantin Vladimirov I like Conan but I have nothing against vcpkg . In principle anything as long as its not submodules. Alexander Enaldiev It seems that Conan was not bad.

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