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Fronts do not use queries with XFEATURENAME header directly. They have the opportunity to deploy features under a deicate URL. For example feature.demo.net. This URL is convenient to share with testers or designers to show your current work. In this case the request arrives at the service with the Spring Cloud Gateway configure. GW parses the URL and finds the feature name there which it then puts in the XFEATURENAME header and reirects the request to the desire microfront spring cloud gateway routes id ignore u order preicates Hostbranch.demo.net i filters branch t. segment This is how the branch feature is structure and works.

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The branch deployment process is also automate. The bank uses a selfwritten CICD platform which among other things deploys artifacts to the test environment. The platform is integrate with Bitbucket via hooks. That is she knows when a push to the repository occurre. After receiving a push event the Platform scans the commit message in search of Iran WhatsApp Number List keywords and if it finds a message deploy_feature it starts the flow of assembling the artifact and deploying it in KS to the test environment. At the same time the developer does not nee to monitor the status of the build and deployment of the feature since a specially traine bot notifies him in the messenger about a successful or faile build.

Debug the service remotely

Lets briefly summarize what we got No. . The implementation of the branches feature is base on the routing rules provide by Istio. No. . For feature instance to work Denmark Phone Number List you nee Create a Destination Rule that contains a subset for selecting a service by label. Create a Virtual Service that base on the HTTP header will reirect the request to the desire subset. No. . To access a feature instance you nee On the backend use the XFEATURENAME header in requests.

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