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Lecture notes and recordings are sent to the marketing team who package them into articles. So we publishe articles on Habr How the Selectel network develope or Useful materials on Data Science and machine learning . Correction and use of knowlege Formalize knowlege may become outdate so it is necessary to determine the frequency of monitoring the relevance of information. Deadlines may vary depending on the topic. For example IP is a protocol that has remaine virtually unchange since . It was replenishe with new features but for years there have been no fundamental changes.

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IPv appeare in but globally it is still an Internet protocol. And for example new network vulnerabilities and security measures appear regularly. Updating formalize knowlege is a separate and rather complex process if you look more broadly than at one specific course. But thats a Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List completely different story. Asyncawait There is no thread its easy to deceive those who are happy to be deceive themselves Average min Programming Perfect code .NET C Parallel programming Opinion When they show us with some example that an asynchronous operation does not create a thread they try to convince us that an asynchronous operation.

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NEVER creates a thread and in principle cannot create one but this is not true A simple example with working code proves the opposite. Lets look at this example. The logic of those who succumb to such suggestion is quite clear to me they want to simplify their life reuce the amount of theory that nees to be dealt with. It would be interesting to understand the logic of Egypt Phone Number List those who support such a suggestion presenting a truncate theory as a fullflege one fully realizing that everything is not as simple as we would like. So an example of code that will create an additional thread for the asynchronous operation code in a console this is important why we will see later application looks like this static asyn.

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