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Main Secure parallel development. Istio Average min AlfaBank company blog Programming Microservices Kubernetes Tutorial Somehow in the office the idea came up that we neee to think about how we could parallelize the work on one microphone so that the teams would not overlap with each other. There are some apis that multiple teams are working on. Each one works on their own feature locally and writes tests but when deploying to a stand it turns out to be a pandemonium because the changes nee to be merge into one branch ala develop and put into testing.

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In this case there may be conflicts when merging code or properties that are not compatible between different branches may change. The mobile bank now serves mikriks. More than teams are working on them. Since we dont have code ownership in the project each team Italy WhatsApp Number List makes changes to the microphones they nee. To avoid various kinds of difficulties that lead to an increase in time to market it was necessary to separate the development of individual teams so that they did not influence each other and could work in parallel. Untitle Problem Our test stand is quite fat and we didnt want to create a virgin stand next to it. Since this is another.

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Due to constant changes the test stand periodically felt bad which directly affects business processes. At the same time we live in KS with Istio. In the article The practical magic of Istio when building the architecture of large microservice systems colleagues already Ecuador Phone Number List wrote about Istio and why it was chosen. You can read it to understand what kind of animal this is. The main thing is that Istio has a powerful request routing mechanism that can help us make parallel development and testing more secure.

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