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The picture No special meeting room with soundproofing no camera and especially no directors clapperboard Use the test lecture notes as your main artifact. Base on it you can make several versions of finish lectures. For example Break the summary into short slots and post it as a series of articles accompanie by diagrams from the presentation. Pack it into an email course and send it out to training participants in separate emails with attachments. Cut short pieces from the test recording and add corresponding notes blocks. Read the notes onto the audio track and add diagrams from the presentation.

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All this can be done without the involvement of experts but it is important to coordinate the final result with them. The expert is responsible for the accuracy of the information conveye in this course. If you do not have deep knowlege of the topic you may make a factual error Jamaica WhatsApp Number List or miss important information. And all materials will be strongly associate with the name of the expert. Dissemination and use of knowlege As a result we receive a comprehensive set of materials. And this is not a single lecture covering specific questions but a whole system where immersion in the topic is consistently and logically built.

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The course has navigation you can study blocks in a row or go straight to the desire topic. The materials are freely available in the companys internal systems. Employees can easily find materials in the LMS. And we can collect course completion statistics track El Salvador Phone Number List the number of participants viewing percentage and a bunch of other metrics. To ensure that employees learn about new courses we announce training materials in the corporate messenger and at large internal updates. Bonus for experts The resulting materials can be use for a wider audience. So we found.

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