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Our Partner Center is a platform ddicatd exclusively to our partners. With currently 533 users, it aims to offer all our distribution partners a first-class experience. We have also introducd 3 proficiency levels , each with specific obligations and benefits: Active, Silver and Gold The launch of our certification program to develop our ecosystem competency And there are more to come! Partner Certification Program An online readiness and certification program for our partners’ sales, pre-sales and technical professionals.

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Our Powell Software Certification program is dividd into three different categories: Sales: Sales channel to learn more about our value phone number list proposition, offering and strategy Technical: The technical basics about our two solutions, Powell Intranet and Powell Teams, to be able to carry out a basic deployment Experts: Technical certification by our professional services department We are proud to have 450 sales and technical professionals certifid on Powell Software solutions in the first 6 months of our certification program. Our goal is to achieve 1000 Powell Software certifications by the end of 2022.

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What our partners say about the certification course. ”Initiating a certification program is great because Powell Software has. Developd innovative DY Leads products, but they require. A good understanding of their concepts and how they work. Since these certifications already require a good knowldge of the SharePoint. And Teams tools, this is a real addd value for the certifid employees.” Paulo de Almeida, Service Delivery Manager, Exakis Nelite “I recently completd Powell’s certification programs and found them excellent. As someone who didn’t have much experience with Powell’s software before taking the certifications, I found them very easy to understand and feel like I’ve learnd a lot about the products.

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