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That made it possible to quickly get an idea of the tables. Architecture and identify issues and possible contradictions. Which was our goal. Results I trie to make a convenient tool that would help in real business cases. I will be glad to receive your feeback. Perhaps someone would like to participate in the development … Read more

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This can be completely calculate at once. Below in the case we will do just that and present the result in the form of a graph. But often it is a specific column that is of interest. One might wonder which sets of columns functionally define our target column. This again allows you to better … Read more

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How can we get a general idea of it understand the architecture of the table. Below are four questions I ask most often What is the primary key of a table A flat table is a story about a primary key. This is always my first question when I see a flat table. In some … Read more

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FD tool is written in python. It is clear that the library is not supporte by its creators. Whats frustrating I decide to write my own version of the bike which would make architectural analysis more convenient. The code is poste on github . Below in the case I will show the use of the … Read more

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Use them look at them and grow forward and only forward. Thank you very much for reading.Her Majesty Flat Table Simple min Open source Python Data storage DIY or Do It Yourself FAQ Objectives of the article Data quality is a prerequisite for moving to more advance levels Data quality is a prerequisite for moving … Read more